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Anyone can discover their Rhythm.   With each beat of our hearts, we are connected to all of life.  


Drumming is about expressing ourselves and our truth in each moment, through presence and awareness.


We are not broken, we are simply disconnected.  Through connection, all healing is possible.

I'm Tamaryn


We are born with an innate connection to Rhythm, from the moment we are conceived we experience our Mother's heart beat, and a few short weeks later, within our bodies our own heart beat begins it's own unique song, a song that connects us deeply to the Earth and to Each other.

We may at times feel lost or disconnected, separated from our natural rhythm.  This is the gift of the Spirit Drum, it reminds us and guides us into connection with our own hearts, our community, and this amazing planet that we are all part of.  When we return to natural rhythm and connect to the rhythm of our own hearts, we return to harmony and balance.  This is our place of power, our place of knowing and a place from which we can create the world that we envision. 

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and deep connection.



Growing up in South Africa, I desperately wanted to play the drums.  But it wasn't until I migrated to Ireland and found myself in Austin Texas that I was handed my first drum at the age of 17.  It was a matched made in deep connection and remembrance.

My journey as a drum keeper began with the African Djembe, as I connected into my innate rhythm and drummed intuitively for years.  I birthed my first drum with the guidance of spirit when I was 21, intuitively connecting in with the tree and animal spirits and soon after began running drum making workshops.  

My journey has guided me to many teachers, and healing modalities over the years.  My study of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Kinesiology, Holographic Kinetics and Shamanic Practices has influenced my journey and understanding of the medicine of the drum.  

Through these experiences and working with the drum for over 20 years, I have come to realise that Drum Medicine is so much more than how it is perceived.  The drum is a gift, an opportunity to find a deep connection with self, with community and with the natural world.  It offers us grounding as we discover clear expression.  It offers us clarity as we discover our true knowing.  It offers us release when we are full.  It offers us expansion when we feel small and it offers us remembrance of who and what we truely are.

On my journey I have played many roles, daughter, sister, friend, partner and mother.  But at the centre of them all lies the drum, the rhythm keeper, the holder of connection, through the heart beat and the Rhythm of life.  

If you are ready to discover your innate rhythm, dance to the beat of your own drum, then join me on the journey of self-discovery, as we connect to the Rhythm of our hearts through the Medicine of the Healing Drum.

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"I have known Tamaryn since the time before time. A master craftsperson with drum and rattle medicine. I have mentored her as she has mentored me, delving into spaces that I hadn't been before. Her ability to deep dive into liminal space is divine. I have a long association with drums and her ability to bring them alive with song and ceremony is something few are privileged to witness


Loenie Watson

"It's with genuine appreciation that we comment Tamaryn from Spirit Drum for her remarkable dedication and commitment. Her effort to transport all her equipment from NSW to QLD to facilitate our students at the Australian Sound Healers Association is truly commendable. The depth of knowledge and wisdom she brought to our Sound Therapy training, especially for the drumming therapy module, was invaluable. Thanks to her, our students have been equipped with practical insights and techniques that will undoubtedly empower them to confidently serve the public in the future.

What stood out the most was her adeptness in teaching the students how to effectively use the drum in both one-on-one sessions and group settings, not to mention her integration of voice techniques. We are eagerly anticipating her return for our next student intake. Thank you, Tamaryn, for making a lasting impact. 


Leith James

Australian Sound Healers